Search engine OPtimization (SEO)

The biggest competitor to paid searches is great search engine optimization quality. Your visibility on the web can drastically change for the better using our team’s strategy on optimizing keywords and content on multiple search engines. More than half of all web traffic comes from organic searches according to a study done by Conductor in 2014. 


Our team understands what makes for great search engine optimization, first of all, quality of content, headlines, relevancy, UX, domain names, your website’s speed, multiple device compatibility, internal linking, tags, schema markup, social media and proper use of tags. We understand what users want, your industry, competition and how to put your business in front of your customers and generate new business. 

Our team members are the savviest experts in the business when it comes to social media management. We initially establish and/or reevaluate your presence on social media, then we analyze which social media platforms are the best for your business. Whether it’s building a following, scheduling posts, managing likes/comments, creating and securing sponsored ads, or uniquely placing your product/service in the best light possible, we know how to get it done. 


Social media is the biggest platform for advertising in today’s consumer climate. We have learned how to build organic growth in multiple industries, how to write engaging posts, what photography/videography is best for what your business does and how to foster relationships with similar companies who will intertwine your business into their social media. 

social media advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great way for businesses to maximize keyword bidding to gear traffic and generate clicks on their website in a short amount of time. PPC really becomes advantageous when your business can start paying for clicks that immediately convert and lead to profits. The process comes with bidding and takes some financial resources, but the ROI and turnaround time are unmatched by another other form of advertising. In the preparation phase, businesses need to have a soft and hard budget for what their cost per click will be as well as their cost per acquisition. Bidding for placement comes with making certain that your ad is well written and organized. Long tail phrases can assist you in ensuring that your cost per click is not too high and matches your customer to your services so your click-through rate (CTR) remains high and your bounce rate low. Having this information allows us to tailor which keywords and search phrases are worth bidding high for and which ones to eliminate, after all, you want conversions.


  • Get To Know Your Audience: We monitor your customer's buying habits, their purchasing and browsing trends, and how the search terms and phrases apply to them. We test all your campaigns (previous and current) and take a look at how to enhance your visibility on search engines.

  • Create Strategies for Paid Ads: We build your account with best features for positive and profitable outcomes and strategize how to optimize the best ads.

  • OPTIMIZE: This is probably the single most important part of running any advertising, is a constant and steady monitoring and optimization of your ads. You want to make sure you are spending money, but also making money. 

ppc advertising


In its most simplest form, lead generation is acquiring your audience's interest with the intent of turning them into customers organically. Using forms on your website is the the most common way of generating leads, you are able to collect important contact information and insight into what your leads may be interested in. It's one of the first steps into the sales funnel and is a great way to encourage your products and services through email marketing.

Effective lead generation can advanced the process of your sales team and in fact make it easier for them to acquire a customer because they already know their most important information. We increase lead generation by making sure your ads, social media platforms and website are all optimized to attract the right audience. SYAXL has consistently provided the best lead generation services to our clients to their increase revenues by 75%. Your leads may not want to purchase right away, but our services allow them keep you in mind for their future purchases.

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Members of our business development team can assist you in developing highly effective SEO. We can help you get a better understanding on the use of social media and your business' presence and perception amongst your competition. Also, our brand management team first work with you to have an understanding of your brand and your vision for it. We then mold your vision into a concrete plan with measurable goals and outcomes. Consultations typically run 1-2 hours. Start your consultation now!

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