Our client Fruicee, a cold pressed juice company engaged us to guide them in creating strong impressionable branding for their business and products. As SYAXL is experienced in the food and beverage industry, we knew this would be a challenge, but not anything we could not handle. Our first step in any industry is to understand what our clients do, why they do it, who their audience is, and why they need us. 

That being said, we sat down with Fruicee’s team and began flowing ideas and answering all the above questions. While we have worked with many folks in this industry, cold pressed juice (CPJ) was our first. SYAXL gained an understanding to why Fruicee’s CEO started the company and the reasoning behind her recipes for her CPJs. She wanted a product of her own that would help her target audience: females and millennials. A 12oz drink that would provide 2x the daily nutrients from fruits and vegetables if eaten. Her approach is simple, nutrients and fresh flavor packed in one bottle, to be consume typically once a day. 





4, December 2018


Food & Beverage

The advertising campaign was a little different from our usual clients, we had to set a budget that kept in mind that the ROI was a much different variable in this case. 


Our Branding and Design&Concept team took the lead on this. For branding, it was important to know what was the makeup of the product, what type and color labels would be used, and sizing and placement of labels on the product. Fruicee’s team met with us and gave us a few samples of their product and we were able to see how we could build Fruicee’s branding to be impressionable memorable and engaging to their audience. 

So how does SYAXL fit in? Well the product was a go, the idea behind it was a go, so we knew we would have to create strong branding in the form of product labels and Fruicee’s website that would match exactly what the company is about.

Being a New York based company, we knew bright colors were necessary, we also knew that since the audience was mainly female and millennial’s that the logo had to be very non-traditional and not too formal. Believe it or not, design and concept play a huge role in picking fonts, colors, shapes, elements, web design and such forth for a company’s branding. We gathered our ideas from Fruicee’s teams ideas and also the current competitors in the CPJ market. 


We finally put together all of our ideas, research and development and created such a strong branding identity for Fruicee with a huge help from our design and concept team. SYAXL provided Fruicee with a logo, product label designs for each recipe, and website design. We took Fruicee’s identity to the next level using bright colors, playful fonts, super high quality graphics and vector art. SYAXL is pleased to present the work done for Fruicee and announce that they have reached a great deal of success with a product that is superb but branding that matches the tastiness of their CPJs.




Our web and graphic designers created a bright inviting website that was hard to miss




Fruicee's customers became true believers in the brand and increased their spending power




Our ad campaigns allowed Fruicee to secure a customer foundation base and a local retailer




Sales showed significant increase after rebranding and multiple ad campaigns and bundle offers

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