SYAXL as a top-tier player in the music and entertainment world has successfully helped another amazing client, Firm Sound Entertainment (FSE). Starting as an independent musician, the CEO, and Founder, Lawrence Willis was ready to take his talents to a more professional level. Knowing that the music industry was already heavily competitive, he and his partners were ready to give it all for the dream they had.

FSE came to SYAXL for brand management services in conjunction with a few other services that would help sustain the brand in such a competitive industry. We had to first understand who FSE was and how they were positioned as a brand. The music record label is composed of New York artists from the South Bronx. SYAXL put an incredible amount of effort to help them get started by pulling their bootstraps off the ground.


Our branding team sought out help from our web and graphic designers, design & concept and also social media management. We pulled in a lot of resources to build FSE as the brand it yearned to be.


SYAXL gave FSE a formula for social media after the music was distributed onto multiple platforms. The goal was to have the brand stand out just as much as the music was. We kept FSE informed on their brand and social media efforts via analytics and real-time data.

What did FSE need from SYAXL? FSE first needed to understand why their brand was important for them. With lots of music already surfing the internet and a fan base in one geographic region, FSE definitely needed structure and a way to produce measurable results within a certain amount of time. Music is one of those industries that requires tons of follow-up and business savvy tactics behind it.

In addition to the above-mentioned, we knew that with the number of record labels already in existence. FSE needed to stand out. We called our branding and design and concept team to guide us through a bunch of ideas for their logo, web design, and social media campaign. We worked on a logo that was edgy, modern and gave a glimpse of who FSE was, a record label from NY with a grip on what their genre was and their identity.


Next, we knew their site had to be loaded with content and graphics that were specifically a showcase for their main artist, Yung Hamma. We designed a website that captured the audience without overwhelming them. After all, musician websites are for photos, behind the scenes footage, music videos, tour dates, merchandise and blogging. Along with the founders, we developed a brand identity for FSE, designed their merchandise for live shows, assisted with music production, built their website and successfully distributed their music on a number of platforms and gave their brand a reason to stand in line with the rest of the music record labels in that genre.

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Our SM mgmt. division created consistent and exciting content for FSE




FSE saw an increase like never before in their viewership on video hosting platforms




Our branding dept. took a keen interest in building FSE to stand firm in line with their competition




FSE gained the attention of producers, booking agents and promoters for live shows via our ad campaigns

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