Our strategists quickly realized that there was so much content that it actually worked in the company’s favor. The demand for the music was going to be met strictly based on quantity of content there was to distribute. And while there was so much in BP’s vault, it needed structure and a plan so that nothing was overlooked and the budgets and time spent on content was not wasted or misused. Our team are experts in content strategy, we sat with BP’s artist, Bruce Pain and gave him a rundown on how his content would be best used across various digital platforms for a greater reach. Reaching social media was one of the main elements, distributing content via his website was the second, and the third most important was song distribution and promotion across platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, etc. 

SYAXL primarily focuses on how content can be distributed effectively across multiple platforms with reducing the costs and avoiding placement disorder of our client's budget. We took all of BP's current content and created brackets of where they would fit in best based on the budgets provided for marketing and advertising. We realized that the demographic of the music was a younger demographic therefore, making YouTube a key component in distributing the music, we noticed social media needed a push to reach listeners in regions outside the confines of New York. We also took to distributing the music on the bigger platforms such as Apple, Tidal, and Spotify because our R&D has shown a great conversion rate for break out artists. SYAXL built Bruce Pain a solid foundation for how to manage its content, using photos and videos to tell stories to his fans via social media. Reaching popular music producers via the distribution platforms and also using his website as a call to action for all upcoming shows, tours and pre-orders for albums, mixtape, EPs and features.

Bruce Pain has successfully built a fanbase that yearns for content and his label and him have all the tools to give the fans what they want. We continue to work on managing their social media and also music distribution.

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After running multiple ads, BP saw an influx in downloads on the platforms we chose to promote through



Using all digital platforms for music, BP's main artist created a demand for his music from his fans



We created a brand for BP that increased sales by introducing merchandise and a "don't miss out" quality



By using softwares and IMC, we helped BP build a strong social following that propels every aspect of their business

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