Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a great way for businesses with resources for keyword bidding to gear traffic and generate clicks on their website in a short amount of time. Bidding for placement comes with making certain that your ad is well written and organized. Long tail phrases can assist you in ensuring that your cost per click is not too high. In the preparation phase, businesses need to have a soft and hard budget for what their cost per click will be as well as their cost per acquisition. Having this information allows us to tailor which keywords and search phrases are worth bidding high for and which ones to eliminate, after all, you want conversions.


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PPC advertising is a great way to use your advertising budget for quick results. PPC means you are only paying for clicks, not impressions, or views. In most cases, using pay-per-click with great keywords and search phrases you can obtain clicks within the first few hours of running your ads. Research shows that most of these clicks turn into conversions as the keywords and search phrases used in your ads are typically specific enough that your audience is drawn in.


The key to mastering PPC is having a soft budget and hard budget which will determine how much you are willing to pay for a click on search engines like Google and also how much you are willing to bid on keywords and search phrases for top placement. What we do at SYAXL is analyze and forecast keywords to maximize your budget and your position on search engines. 


There are multiple versions of PPC advertising but the most common are Google and Social Media Ads. On Google, the PPC ads available are search ads, local search ads, display network and remarketing. Whereas on social media, you have Facebook & Instagram Ads, Twitter, Snapchat & LinkedIn. On the social media advertising, you can boost your posts, have sponsored posts and target specific demographics which help approximate how much you will spend on each click. You also have much more flexibility with the type of ad you want to run, which increases the likelihood of your audience clicking and being directed to your website.


We are leaders in PPC advertising, by using targeted metrics and specific filters, we can make the most out of your budget for advertising, especially PPC which brings results quicker than any other advertising metric method.

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