Our digital marketing revolves around gauging and implementing your business into the most efficient and best platforms. Our team helps your business develop concrete communication about who you are across all digital platforms. We frequently analyze and audit your data to enhance the connection between you and your clients. Our experts recognize the positive impact of targeted marketing on websites, search engines, e-mail, social media, and mobile applications. We understand the importance of high conversion rates, target audiences, business growth, business expansion, and most importantly your ROI. Finding leads is one thing, turning them into a customer is another, that’s where we provide the core of our marketing tactics. What we do is based on an extended wealth of industry knowledge, consumer behavior, creative design, strategy implementation, and organic growing methods.

With a team of marketing and business development experts, we are keen to the competition in your industry. We are well versed in finding and compiling analytics that suits your market. The focus is to stay up to date on what business development tactics you can enforce in your business and how your market reacts to changes in the economy. Suitably, we undertake the task of providing you with information and advice that will help develop your business in an upward trajectory. Our web designers have a strong passion for creating a digital platform that matches your brand directly. We develop your website with unique templates and a personalized touch, using graphics and content that is relevant and interesting to your audience.


Syaxl’s strategists deeply focus on content strategy. It is imperative to understand what content your business is promoting and how it relates to your audience. You essentially need to show them why to choose you over your competition. Creating content that is relatable, interesting, easy to follow and relevant to your industry are key. The current state of consumers is heavily overloaded by content. It is our job to make sure that your content is intriguing, not overlooked, and most of all: informative on what your business does. Our CS team knows how to bundle your content for proper distribution and where your content will be most valued.


Our content strategy is valuable to our clients because of our ability to make changes in connection with your market at a quick pace. For example, we take your business data and results and create multiple levels of buying personas so that your customers can assess where they fit in and how to best you use your product/service. When working with you, we stay on top your industry to ensure that we align your content with what is trending and how to reach those consumers at the exact right time based on current social news and events happening in your specific market.

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC):

The nature of our business; digital marketing drives us to be highly versed in integrating your marketing into the most relevant platforms. The beauty of integration is the ability to expand and boost avenues of communication. The atmosphere of consumer media continues to gear towards more personalized content, in doing so, we understand and use a variety of tools to reach and persuade your target audiences. IMC is a powerful approach because it allows us to reach the consumer with the right message, at the right time, via their preferred media/messaging channels. 


In addition to understanding the basic concepts of integrated marketing communication, it is important to remember that IMC is a fluid process; there is always new input, data, media, and consumer understanding to be learned and implemented.


Whom your business communicates to is a big part of your marketing dollars; we make sure that at the employee level, your teams are using IMC effectively. During this process, our experts work closely with the brand management sector, to produce affiliate marketing for your business to not only increase your visibility but to integrate other businesses that add value and cross-sell with your business.


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Members of our marketing and advertising departments can guide you through the various subdivisions of M&A to build your customized plan that will boost the presence of your business and also increase your visibility in the market. Creating an edge for your business that is unique from your competition is what our team specializes in. Consultations vary from 1-2 hours. Start yours now!

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