True Measure Home Inspections is a family owned business that provides homebuyers and real estate brokers with quality home inspections. They came to us to create a digital identity to their business. As a professional service based company, they needed their goals and values to be communicated in a manner that was true to who they are. As husband and wife, The Olgesby's knew that their family owned business need needed to stand out from their competition and build an online presence that is assertive in making them leaders in their industry and geographical location.



True Measure


27 February, 2019


Home Services 

Great customer service! 

Candace Oglesby, CEO & Founder

True Measure's website was designed to be both user-friendly and desktop/mobile friendly.


The way we chose to format True Measure's website was split into two main components: informational and inviting. The design needed to represent a sense of community and professionalism in the home inspection arena. We formatted the design of the website to drive user intent as follows: begin as: informational, follow as: navigational, and finally transform into transactional.

form building

The owners of True Measure were very clear on how they wanted their "Call To Actions". Phone calls and contact via forms was their preferred method of customer interaction. We created forms that were strictly to collect information and were simple enough that did not draw potential customers away from their website.

We created marketing material that reflected the services on True Measure's website.

Because of the nature of True Measure's niche and them being a service company, we made their website's design to be very informative to give their audience as much background as possible on the services they provide, the tools they use, the process in which they perform home inspections and the final step, which is producing reports that detail the status of the home or building. Our content writers went above and beyond to do as much research and collected market data to put True Measure's website in a position with very little left to ask, just maybe, "how soon can I book your services?". We formatted the design of the website to drive user intent as follows: (phase 1) --> informational, (phase 2) --> navigational, and lastly, (phase 3) --> transactional. The last piece of the puzzle for us, was to create call to action buttons under almost each heading and link their certifications to trust-worthy national sites that certify the company's qualifications. With all these elements organized in place, we created design that was easy to navigate, super informational and gave enough trust to an audience that is being introduced to a company behind a screen.



Our team made True Measure's website trustworthy for customers by adding sample reporting



Customers of True Measure retained them for more home services after satisfaction of their initial order



Customers were satisfied enough to send referrals to True Measure allowing them to give customers incentives



Web traffic increased  with geo-targeting and mobile-friendly capabilities for True Measure's demographic

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