SYAXL announces their new website and additional services to

enhance client experience in 2019.


SYAXL, a digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn, New York, just launched a

new website to provide clients who need digital marketing services with useful

resources and information on the digital marketing and advertising services they

offer. In a planned rebranding, SYAXL has released a brand new website

including detailed interactive information on past projects and a decent variety in

price plan offerings for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Alongside the

new website, they have also expanded the scope of their services.



Primarily, a content marketing strategy and brand management firm, the CEO

decided in order to sustain client relationships and longevity, the company had

to pivot in a new direction. SYAXL has added digital advertising, additional

digital marketing solutions, branding, brand management, SEO optimization,

UX/UI design along with website and graphic design. “We at SYAXL are

concentrating our efforts on communicating our vision and new pivot to our

clients and the services they acquire by targeting their needs specifically to our

new technologies and niche members that can cater to their needs and their

industries” said Messiah Willis, CEO & Founder. The company is seeking to

provide more assistance to their clients by infusing different departments to work

collaboratively to exchange ideas and expand their marketing solutions for their

clients, they are able to cross-sell services and enhance client’s viability within

their markets.


The new website has launched with a boost of resources about digital marketing

including blogs, prior client projects, examples, testimonials, and information

about how Digital Marketing Agency assists businesses in a number of different

industries including Music, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Nonprofits and





SYAXL is a new digital marketing and advertising agency that was built to

incorporate technology and social media into multiple platforms for greater

client reach. At, SYAXL, we are new leaders in digital marketing, advertising,

branding, and business development. Our purpose in serving our clients comes

from our ability to foresee change and help clients use it to their advantage. The

world is transforming into a more digital universe, using way more platforms than

ever before to market, advertise and promote businesses. We have dedicated

much of our time and resources into content marketing strategy and understand

how important and fluid change is for businesses to stay current and also in line

for what’s next. SYAXL is confident in its ability to dominate multiple industries

and build businesses from the ground up, we take projects from business

formations to advertising campaigns to UX/UI design with the utmost honor and

dignity to bear witness to our clients’ success.


For more about SYAXL, please visit: or email

SYAXL We are leaders in building businesses through digital marketing and advertising. With a strong online presence, we can make any business in any industry stand out from its counterparts and competition. The reason we thrive is because the very tools we use for ourselves, we extend to our clients to allow them to grow and flourish.

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